Cattle Yards

Cattle Yards Design For Building Cattle Yards

If you are planning to build a cattle yard then the first thing that you will naturally need is a cattle yard design. To make sure that you are building a durable and safe cattle pen, read on to learn more about creating catting yard designs.

Creating a Cattle Yard Design

Before you start designing your cattle yard plan, the first thing that you will need to do is determine how many cattle will be occupying the pen and how often you are planning to work your animals. Aside from the capacity of the corral, you will also need to decide on its size. The size of the cattle yard will of course depend on the size of your cattle. For instance, an adult cow will need approximately 20 square feet to graze. Meanwhile, a baby calf will only need about 8 square feet until he is weaned. Weaning will take about three months.

Once you already have a good idea as to what you need from your cattle yard, it’s time to do a rough sketch of the pen. This sketch will allow you to estimate how much materials you will need for the final design and how much these materials will likely cost. Waterlines and electrical costs should also be incorporated into your sketch. In selecting your materials, consider using steel pipes, wooden panels and other things that might be useful to your design.

Finally, it’s time to make your final scale design. In drawing your final cattle yard design, take into account any future expansions or changes that you might make. Examples of these possible changes might be an additional pen or an extra gate. After you have finished your final draft, you might also want to have it looked over by other people, preferably those who have some expertise on cattle. Seeking another person’s opinion or feedback will certainly expose some flaws or possible improvements that you might have likely missed.

Selecting a Cattle Yard Location

Selecting a good location for your cattle yard is also essential. No matter how well-designed your cattle yard is, it will be of little use to you if it is not an ideal location. If your cattle is scattered across several pastures then the best place to situate your cattle yard is along the fence where the pastures converge. Make sure the site also has an available water and electric system. It is also important that you don’t place your cattle pen too close to your neighbours since this might be a source of complaint.

Whether you are planning to purchase a cattle yard or build your own, the posts on this website will surely help you. You may also consult the business directory to get in touch with cattle yard retailers all over Australia.